sneak preview


Hey, folks. Just popping in to give a little sneak peek of a scene near the mid-point of Sword of Lions:

She was angry with him. Malcolm knew Janet’s moods well enough to figure that out. She had asked Rowena if she could ride with her rather than him, even though the two women were still far from fast friends. 

To be perfectly honest, he could not entirely blame her. He had slapped her down, and no matter what courtly manners Janet possessed she was a proud woman who disliked intensely being humiliated. 

Gods, he had sworn to himself she would never see that side of him. Not that dark, burning rage which he kept chained up for fear of what it could do. But when he had discovered that she had placed herself in danger it had burst forth like a lion from a cage. 

The sword bumped lightly at his waist, jiggled by some errant movement of his steed or his own leg. And its presence reminded him of all that he had never told Janet- chief amongst which was the great lie he had perpetuated for nearly two decades. He knew his true identity, as Merlin had told Martin the entire truth upon the day he had left Malcolm in the smith’s care.

Oh, boy. Somebody’s got a secret. If you want to find out what it is, keep an eye out for Fateful- Sword of Lions sometime next year. (I hope).

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