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Why Stories Are More Than Writing

As a writer, James Cameron’s Avatar is garbage. Unimaginitive naming. Generic set-piece plot elements. Film science that Gene Roddenberry would toss out. But there’s more to the film than the writing. Spectacular visuals. Ground-breaking technology invented specifically by the director to create the film.… Continue Reading “Why Stories Are More Than Writing”

Kickstarter Is Live

The Kickstarter for Canopy Imprint is now live! Help me reach $3000!

Kickstarter Incoming

I’ve set up a Kickstarter for my next book, and hopefully my own LLC imprint. Check it out here. It should be launching in about a week.

15 days to nano

There’s just 15 days to National Novel Writer’s Month, my friends. Are you going to take the challenge with me this year? I’m aiming for a big attempt this year: the final six chapters of Legend Begins, the third quarter of Sword of Lions… Continue Reading “15 days to nano”

sneak preview

9/21/20 Hey, folks. Just popping in to give a little sneak peek of a scene near the mid-point of Sword of Lions: She was angry with him. Malcolm knew Janet’s moods well enough to figure that out. She had asked Rowena if she could… Continue Reading “sneak preview”